sticky boi1This is Stickyfeet, a crested gecko. I’m trying out a cartoonish style at the moment and thought that this little dude required some attention. Sticky has two modes; two functioning brain cells which ding around his mostly empty skull, and planning the downfall of humanity. We love him anyway.

Dragon of Many Eyes

Violet is an all seeing psychic dragon. Each of her eyes sees a different aspect of the universe: Infrared heat vision, Ultra violet vision, X rays, and Aura colours of any living being to name a few. She has a good nature, but will fight in order to defend her powers of sight.

I created this dragon using watercolour after i had been thinking about various methods used to analyze various substances, all using light used in the scientific industry. many eye dragon

Little Frog

I created this colour pencil drawing of the blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates tinctorius azureus) because I want to raise awareness of reptiles and amphibians in wildlife conservation. These lovely little frogs are native to Brazil, Guyana, and French Guyana. Blue poison dart frogs are protected by CITES appendix II, as they’re often taken from the wild for the pet trade. I do enjoy seeing these guys at zoos and conservation parks, and I hope they become more protected and froggo

Pat the panda

Pat the panda3This is Pat the Panda! he’s a kind and gentle creature with a love of snoozing and chilling out. He also loves to build and play around with almost any item he finds!

The amazing aura of silver, pink, and blue follow him in every step he takes, and shines brightly when he’s happy or ennthusiastic. This aura gives off a calming and strengthening feeling to those who can see it.





This creation is dedicated to the best person.

Happy christmas, tree. i love you

Royal Gecko

gecko butterfly finished1

The royal gecko is a strange flying gecko that feeds mostly on nectar from fruit and flowers and the occasional small insect.

This particular creature had been fluttering around in my head for quite a few years before I finally gave it some attention and a 4+ hour draw.He’s quite a cute cross between a monarch butterfly and a turquoise dwarf gecko, the type of creature that I used to imagine lived in magical gardens as a kid.

Time lapse at 2000% speed



The hyena is all too often given a bad image in the media, they deserve better so the Flyena flutters around delicatley offering kindness to its fellow predatory canines.

This creation was done on a laptop in about 4 and a half hours while away from home for a few days after noticing that hyenas and wolves seem to always be portrayed as evil charatcers.