Pat the panda

This is Pat the Panda! he's a kind and gentle creature with a love of snoozing and chilling out. He also loves to build and play around with almost any item he finds! The amazing aura of silver, pink, and blue follow him in every step he takes, and shines brightly when he's happy or... Continue Reading →

Royal Gecko

The royal gecko is a strange flying gecko that feeds mostly on nectar from fruit and flowers and the occasional small insect. This particular creature had been fluttering around in my head for quite a few years before I finally gave it some attention and a 4+ hour draw.He's quite a cute cross between a... Continue Reading →


The hyena is all too often given a bad image in the media, they deserve better so the Flyena flutters around delicatley offering kindness to its fellow predatory canines. This creation was done on a laptop in about 4 and a half hours while away from home for a few days after noticing that hyenas... Continue Reading →

Snail Cottage

After nearly 8 hours of hard work, the first of many digital drawings has been finished! The cottage snail slowly slithers his way to find a new path, the lantern from his house guiding him through the night.   Time lapse of the process: (8 hours at 2000% speed)

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